Our Staff

Our job is to help you reach your full potential, set and achieve your goals, and create your source of happiness. We do this by giving you the tools to change what’s holding you back in life and open the door to new experiences and growth opportunities. Taking a holistic approach to self-realization, we ensure that you get the support you need on your journey.

Chief Excecutive Officer 

Indonesia 001GG - Syncline

Chief Operating Officer

Indonesia 002GG Irfan_Adikurniawan

Head of Internal Affairs
Head of External Affairs

Indonesia 004GG

Pilot Coordinator

Indonesia 005GG

HR Manager

Indonesia 006GG

PIREP Manager 

Indonesia 007GG

Route Manager 

Indonesia 008GG

Event Manager

Indonesia 009GG

To find out which job vacancies are still available, please check the IFVARB website and contact us directly via IFC.